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Picture Of The Day


Great news!!!

We have been publishing a "Picture Of The Day" on our primary site RLROUSE.COM for almost two years now, and during that time it has become one of the most popular features on this busy site!

After long and careful consideration, we decided that the POTD deserved a home of its own. Beginning with the photo for October 29, 2006, the "Picture Of The Day" can now be found on...

All of the previous "Pictures Of The Day" will remain archived here, on RLROUSE.COM. We appreciate your patronage very much, and we thank you for returning each and every day to check out the latest featured photograph.

We invite you to continue using RLROUSE.COM as your primary web directory and one of the web's largest sources of quality information on a wide variety of topics!

Daily Photos for September and October 2006

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