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Picture of the day - September 13, 2006

Autumn View Of A British Columbia Farm

A farm in the Tomslake area of British Columbia.
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Autumn is a very busy time for most farmers. They have crops to harvest, lawns to trim on John Deere riding mowers, hay to bale and "put up", and preparations for the coming winter to complete before the first frost and flakes of snow arrive on the scene. 9 to 5 workdays are just a dream for those who farm for a living, especially in the fall of the year.

But autumn is also a very beautiful time in farm country. You'll find fields bursting with crops that are ripe and waiting to be "picked", golden fields of grain waving in the breeze, and trees in the distance turning every shade of yellow, orange, red and brown imaginable as the days get shorter and the process of photosynthesis goes on its yearly vacation. Farms are very special places where hard work and the grace of God combine to produce enough food to feed a hungry world, and harvest time is when we all get to enjoy the proceeds.

I grew up on a small family farm in southwestern Virginia near the beautiful town of Damascus. Well, actually it was more of a large plot of woodlands with enough cleared land for a large garden and a "hog lot". My dad loved to garden, spending hours on end caring for his beloved tomatoes, corn, beans, peas, potatoes and other vegetables, always hoping for a bountiful harvest come fall - and he almost always got one!

Our little family farm was nothing like the ones the "big farmers" run, but it was always beautiful when September rolled around and everything began to burst into living color. I miss those days...and I miss my dad. I think of him every time I see someone picking a ripe, red tomato or slicing a cucumber. Those were good times back on our Widener Valley farm...I just didn't realize it at the time.

David Tschiedel took this beautiful fall farm picture in the Tomslake area of British Columbia, Canada, one of the most scenic places on earth. He said the fall colors are spectacular there right now.

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