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Picture of the day - September 30, 2006

Tommy Carroll At The Pickin' Porch

Tommy Carroll
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Every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm, the Appalachian Cultural Music Association presents The Pickin' Porch Show, a live Bluegrass music show featuring one or more of the many fantastic Bluegrass bands that call the Birthplace of Country Music region home. And every week, Tommy Carroll is there helping host Tim White and the gang keep the show running smoothly and everyone well-entertained.

Tommy has several regular "duties" at the Pickin' Porch. For example, when Tim does a "spot" for loyal sponsor Chick-fil-A Restaurant, Tommy stands up, faces the audience, and yells the following words in a booming voice that must surely be heard in several neighboring states: "Cow eat more chicken!". For many in the Pickin' Porch audience, hearing Tommy's Chick-fil-A bit is just as much fun as listening to the great music!

Of course Tommy stays busy with other tasks as well, such as checking the microphone before every show, handing out flyers for upcoming events, drawing the winning tickets whenever something is raffled off...and enthusiastically yelling out requests to the bands from his front row rocking chair! When it comes right down to it, I guess you could say that Tommy is the busiest guy at the Pickin' Porch - and he does it all in exchange for nothing more than an evening of fun and entertainment.

Cheria and I have been regular visitors to the Pickin' Porch shows for several years now, and Tommy Carroll was already a fixture there when we began. And with any luck, he'll be helping out Tim and Chick-fil-A for many years to come!

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