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Write For Us

RLROUSE.COM is always looking for talented writers who are interested in gaining exposure for their work and promoting their website or blog. If you feel that you have something important to say that will be a useful addition to our expansive body of articles and information, we invite you to submit it.

We publish articles on many different topics. To get an idea of what we're looking for, please check out a couple of articles from these categories:

Articles selected for publication on our site can have up to two links back to your site (as long as the links make sense in the context of the article), one in the article body itself and a second link in the "About the author" section. Both links MUST be relevant to the topic of the article, including the link in the author bio section. Additional links to reference materials are also allowed (Wikipedia, relevant third party sites, etc.)

We are quite selective when it comes to choosing the information that we publish on RLROUSE.COM, but if your article is selected it will receive plenty of exposure on one of the Internet's busiest families of websites. Here are our publication guidelines:

  1. All articles submitted for publication on our websites must be written in English.
  2. All articles and photos must be family friendly (no "adult" or gambling related content). No exceptions will be allowed.
  3. You may include a photo for use with an article, but you must either hold the copyright to the image or it must be a Creative Commons image with proper attribution (photographer's name and a link to the original source of the photo).
  4. Every article submitted must be unique and published nowhere else on the Internet, including your own website or blog. After all, duplicate content does no favors for either party. We check every article submitted with CopyScape.com to ensure that it is unique to our site before publication. We also periodically check all existing articles with CopyScape as well, and if a duplicate copy is found anywhere on the web, that article is removed from our site.
  5. Articles may not contain affiliate links or be little more than a full-page ad for your website, blog or product. In other words, the article must be genuinely useful for our readers.
  6. We reserve the right to edit articles and titles in order to fix grammatical or factual errors or "Americanize" the English text if written using "British English" (no offense intended, it's just that the majority of our traffic is U.S. based). Rest assured that we will not make any changes that alter the meaning or intent of the article.

That's all there is to it. If you wish to submit an article for consideration, DO NOT "pitch it" ahead of time. Just send it to this email address:


If your article is selected for publication we'll send you an email with a link to the article once it has been published.

Important: We receive hundreds of guest post submissions every month, resulting in a backlog of several months.

If you'd rather not wait you can submit a sponsored post instead.

Sponsored posts are $25 and they must meet the same guidelines as regular guest posts. The only difference is sponsored posts are evaluated and published within 24 hours of receipt of the submission.

If you'd like to submit a sponsored post simply shoot us an email at the address listed above.

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