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Report a broken link


Report a broken link and win a digital camera!

We strive to keep RLROUSE.COM free of broken links, but with tens of thousands of internal and external links on thousands of pages, it's quite a task. Websites are shut down or moved to new domains all the time, and we link to bunches of them. We would really appreciate your help in identifying links that no longer work as they should.

If you click on a link that doesn't work or takes you to a different page than the one you were expecting, please do us a favor and let us know about it. Simply send an email to customerservice@rlrouse.com with the words "Broken Link" in the subject line. Paste the URL of the page containing the bad link into the body of the email, and if possible, include the Title, Description and URL of the bad link in order to help us find it on the page. If you can't send us all the info above, that's fine. We'll still be able to find it with just the URL of the page the link is on.

To show our appreciation, we'll put your email address into a box along with any others who report a bad link, then at the end of each month we'll draw one out and send the winner a brand new digital camera! If you happen to be the only person to report a bad link that month, you win by default!

Again, thanks so much for helping us keep this site free of broken links!

Important: As per our Privacy Policy, we will NEVER share your email address with any third party for any reason. The digital cameras that we give away each month vary by brand and model, but they are all brand new and still in the box. If you win the drawing we'll contact you via the email address used to submit the Broken Link Report so that we can find out where to ship your new camera.

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