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Picture of the day - October 22, 3006

Olivia's Makeup Session

Photo of Olivia getting "made up".
Click photo to enlarge

Today's picture features my beautiful granddaughter Olivia getting "made up" in preparation for dance recital practice. She is taking "hip-hop" dance classes this year, and although she started several weeks after the other students, she has already "caught up" with them after just a few classes.

I snapped this picture as we waited in the car for the rehearsal to get underway. When we first arrived on the scene, we had found our friend Bambi sitting in her car waiting to take her own little girl inside. She asked Olivia if she would like to be "made up" for the rehearsal, and of course she said yes. Bambi grabbed her makeup kit, jumped into our back seat with Olivia, and got down to business...

Having Olivia in my life has turned out to be one of God's greatest blessings. She isn't just some little girl that came along as part of a "package deal" when I married Cheria. Olivia is my granddaughter - the light of my life. When my precious Cheria gave me her heart and made my life complete, Olivia 's beautiful smile brightened up my world and added color and depth to my very existence on God's earth.

Olivia and I love picking at each other, but I love that little girl with all my heart - and she loves me. She will always be beautiful in my eyes, and in my opinion her beautiful smile is all the "makeup" she will ever need.

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