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Picture of the day - September 25, 2006

Autumn Wildflowers

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Well, autumn has arrived here in southwestern Virginia, and many of the beautiful flowers of summer have begun to fade away as shorter days and colder nights take their toll on them. And while the bright, colorful leaves usually help make this one of the most beautiful times of the year, many of the trees around here are losing them a few at a time before they even have a chance to "turn". It appears that we might be in for a rather bland fall.

But one thing we can always count on is the stubborn beauty of our region's wildflowers, many of which will remain crisp and bright right up until the first frost. Some people consider wildflowers to be a nuisance, nothing more than pretty weeds that trigger allergies and attract bees, but I have always found them to be just as pretty and interesting as the flowers that grow in our gardens. The only real difference between them that I can see is that the vast majority of wildflowers were planted by God instead of us humans!

As I drive down the country roads that connect our tiny rural communities and towns, I enjoy the many varieties of wildflowers that grow on the banks, in the ditches and out in the pasture fields. Those millions of red, blue, purple and yellow blossoms that some consider to be a nuisance just might help save us from what would otherwise be a very boring fall.

About the picture: Cheria and I were visiting Uncle Jerry and Aunt Eleanor the other day when she noticed all the beautiful yellow wildflowers growing in the ditch and along the fence line across the road from their house. Her curiosity got the best of her, so she walked across the road to get a closer look - and take the "Picture Of The Day".

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