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Picture of the day - October 15, 2006

Foot Bridge At Steele Creek Park

Foot bridge across Steele Creek Lake.
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The Mountain Empire received its first frost of the year a couple of days ago which means that the beautiful colors of fall will now quickly fade away as the last remaining autumn leaves fall to the ground in preparation for the coming winter. Since I was already in the area that morning, I drove over to Steele Creek Park to take a few more pictures of God's latest mosaic before the opportunity slipped away.

I had a full day ahead of me, so in the interest of saving time I decided not to stray too far from the parking lot. I would just quickly survey the landscape and try to find something interesting to photograph. What I came up with is this view of the foot bridge that crosses Steele Creek where it empties into Steele Creek Lake.

It was about 10am and there were several people out enjoying the crisp, yet very beautiful mid-October day. A few of them were walking, jogging and biking, but the person that caught my attention was a fisherman who was trying his luck on the opposite creek bank. Every time he cast his line into the water, a paddle of ducks would swim over and try to steal the bait from his hook. The poor guy would reel the line in, then try his luck again after the ducks swam away. After this scene had repeated itself several times, he simply gave up and left - as did the ducks!

As I stood there chuckling at the antics I had just witnessed, I realized that I was staring right at an excellent photographic opportunity. I set up my tripod, adjusted a few settings on my camera and shot the "Picture Of The Day".

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