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Picture of the day - October 24, 2006

Yard Work At Mom's Place

Yardwork at Mom's place.
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My mom had some yard work that she wanted to get done before winter, so my brother Glen and nephew Shannon brought a truck full of garden tools and materials to her place this afternoon and got right to work.

Before the afternoon was over, they had moved a large clump of pampas grass to a better location, mulched a couple of her flower beds, trimmed her forsythia hedge and installed a new decorative fence. After walking around for a few minutes admiring their work, we disposed of the empty mulch bags and loaded the tools back onto Glen's truck.

As we were walking back toward mom's house, Glen suddenly remembered another task that she had placed on her to-do list: moving an unruly bush to a new location on the other side of the yard. We quickly grabbed a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrow from the back of the truck and went back to work. Well, actually it was Shannon who did most of the work, but Glen, Roger and I helped him out by offering plenty of advice and direction - and an occasional helping hand.

When it was all said and done, mom's yard looked great and we were all pleased with the results of our labors. Mom was pleased as well, so I'm sure she has already started working on a new list of "chores" for another day. But we don't mind a bit. After all, mom worked her fingers to the bone for several decades to make sure we kids had everything we needed to be safe, healthy and educated, so the least we can do is do whatever we can to make her golden years a little more enjoyable. She has always been good to her kids. Now it's our turn to try to return the favor.

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