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Picture of the day - October 20, 2006

Jimmy's Birdhouse

Click photo to enlarge

My brother Jimmy is a master craftsman who can design and build pretty much anything you'll ever want or need. He has been building things out of wrought iron for years and his attractive and functional squirrel feeders, planters, shepherd rods, pot racks and numerous other garden and household items are very popular with garden centers and home stores.

As you can see from the birdhouse in today's picture, Jimmy is also quite an accomplished woodcraftsman. He designs everything he builds from scratch, then carefully handcrafts the items one-by-one. You'll never find cheap-looking cookie-cutter products coming out of his busy workshop! The "log cabin" birdhouse featured above is one of his latest creations.

All of my brothers are very good at building things, fixing things when they "tear up", and just generally coming up with ingenious ideas. Somehow that gift never quite made its way to me...I think Jimmy received his share and mine too!

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