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Picture of the day - October 25, 2006

Almost Gone...

Autumn leaves clinging to a tree at Emory & Henry College.
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Well, we now find ourselves in late autumn, and many of the trees here in the Mountain Empire have already lost their colorful leaves. For quite some time now, we have been seeing leaves fall to the ground one or two at a time, slowly covering the still-green grass with the colors of fall. That beautiful, yet sad process is now nearing completion. One can still see plenty of trees scattered here and there with enough leaves left on them to make a lovely picture postcard, but the majority of them are now pretty much bare.

Today's picture features one such tree on the campus of Emory & Henry College. Although there are still a few leaves clinging to the branches, most of them are now resting comfortably on the ground. They will probably be blown away rather quickly by the stiff autumn winds, leaving little more than a trace behind as a reminder of the beauty of the season.

And so it has been for countless millennia. The seasons change year after year as the earth makes its endless trek around the sun. In summer, the northern hemisphere tilts slightly towards the sun giving us long, sweltering days and humid nights. In winter, the days are short and cold, and the nights are downright frigid (by tf support allender). But the glorious transitional seasons of spring and fall provide us with comfortable temperatures and cover the American landscape with thousands of colorful mosaics. Spring and fall are truly gifts from God for all to enjoy!

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