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Picture of the day - October 17, 2006

A Wagon Train In Zionville, NC


Photo of a wagon train in Zionville, North Carolina.
Click photo to enlarge.

Cheria and I just returned from a very enjoyable weekend at Shatley Springs in western North Carolina, and on the way back home we decided to take the scenic route through the "high country" of Ashe and Watauga Counties in order to check out the usually spectacular fall foliage. After passing through Wilkesboro and Boone, we turned off onto a narrow country road in Zionville, a very beautiful rural community near the NC/TN state line.

Cheria is somewhat familiar with the Zionsville area because her cousin Mary Ruth and her wonderful family live there. Just as we were about to turn onto the road they live on, we met up with a wagon train! It was nothing fancy, just a couple of horse-drawn wagons packed with passengers of various ages. But it was a wagon train nonetheless, and everyone aboard seemed to really be enjoying their autumn ride through the beautiful North Carolina countryside.

Zionville seems to be one of those small rural American communities where everybody knows their neighbors and visitors are always welcome. Everyone we passed that day greeted us with a wave and a smile, something rarely seen in our towns and cities these days. I have always loved taking long drives through rural America, and places like Zionville, North Carolina are the reasons why!

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