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Picture of the day - October 16, 2006

Dusk At Shatley Springs


Shatley Springs
Click photo to enlarge.

In celebration of her birthday, Cheria and I spent the the weekend at Shatley Springs, a small country resort in scenic Crumpler, North Carolina. After sharing a wonderful late-afternoon meal in the popular restaurant with almost 20 of Cheria's favorite "kinfolk", we dropped off our "stuff" at the cabin and joined Amy, Olivia and Sage for a walk around the duck pond.

Stiff autumn winds had already given us a rather cool day, and as the sun dropped below the horizon it began to get downright cold. As we began our trek around the pond, the ducks became quite lively, swimming back and forth as if they wanted to "show off" in front of their latest audience.

Although the setting sun had already dropped out of view, there was plenty of residual light to illuminate the pond and place the trees and ducks in silhouette. I just had to take a picture of such a pretty scene, so I ran back to the cabin to get my camera. I barely managed to return to the pond and snap off a few shots before the cold got the best of us and we had to head back to the cabin.

We really enjoyed our stay at Shatley Springs, and we plan to go back there in the spring. Maybe the next time it won't be quite so chilly and we can spend a lot more time in the great outdoors in the spectacular North Carolina mountains.

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