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Picture of the day - October 23, 2006

Fall Colors At Backbone Rock

Autumn leaves at Backbone Rock National Recreation Area.
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Cheria and I drove down to the Backbone Rock National Recreation Area yesterday afternoon hoping to see some colorful fall foliage, but since many of the trees in the Mountain Empire were already mostly bare, we didn't have very high hopes. Much to our delight however, when we got down there we discovered there were still plenty of bright red, orange and yellow leaves clinging steadfast to the trees!

All of the leaves were long gone from the black walnut trees - and the mighty sycamores were losing theirs at a rapid pace - but the maples, red oaks, dogwoods and a handful of other species were still looking quite beautiful on Sunday afternoon. And of course the leaves that covered the ground gave the entire area a pretty, reddish tone. The woods at Backbone Rock had never looked better!

We had gone down there intending to photograph "the rock" itself, and we did. But when we walked through the tunnel to snap off a couple of shots from the other direction, we saw the lovely scene in today's picture: an autumn view of the shelter that sits between the rock and Beaver Dam Creek. I guess the shelters at Backbone Rock won't be getting very much use between now and spring, but they sure make a pretty fall picture!

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