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Picture of the day - October 4, 2006

One Determined Flower

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My mom sure knows how to grow flowers, and her lawn is always adorned with plenty of colorful blossoms all the way from early spring till the frosts of autumn decide that enough is enough. Her flower beds are packed with many varieties, all of them beautiful and many of them quite interesting.

And perhaps the most interesting flower of the bunch is this one. It apparently decided that it was going to be a little different from all the others and grow out of a crack in the brick wall of one of her flower beds. It seems to be doing quite nicely too!

I just love visiting with mom. She has tons of love and experience to share and I love receiving plenty of both. She has seen and done a lot in her 79 years on this planet, and she has had to endure more than her fair share of hardships and heartaches along the way. But she has always been determined to enjoy life and do whatever it takes to "make it", and I guess just a little bit of that determination rubbed off on this rebellious flower!

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