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Picture of the day - September 14, 2006

A "Stump Planter" At Backbone Rock

Photo of an old tree stump serving as a planter.
Click photo to enlarge

The other day, Cheria and I were taking a peaceful walk through Backbone Rock National Recreation Area when we noticed a decaying old tree stump with several plants growing out of the top of it. We didn't think much of it at first because it isn't unusual to see plants growing out of stumps out in the woods.

But as we drew closer to the stump we realized that the plants in question were actually flowers that had been planted there. The forest rangers had apparently placed some potting soil into the stump's crevices and used it as a "stump planter". We stopped and took a few pictures while envisioning a few of our own tree stumps with flowers growing on top of them.
Closeup view of the "stump planter" at Backbone Rock. Click photo to enlarge

There was one stump in particular that we planned to check out when we got home, but it turned out to be too narrow to use as a planter. I guess we'll just have to "plant" a stump that's large enough to use in this manner somewhere on our property. Don't laugh, I've planted stumps before with great success. In fact, we were probably the only people in the town of Abingdon who had tree stumps in places where trees had never grown! All we have to do now is find the right stump...and then start digging!

And finally, if you have a stump you'd really like to get rid of, you can have it ground down and removed. You'll find more great info on that right here:


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