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Picture of the day - October 2, 2006

Hungry Mother Lake During The "Off-Season"

Hungry Mother Lake
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Marion, Virginia's Hungry Mother State Park is jam-packed with visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but during spring and fall you'll find the beach and lake virtually deserted. Such was the case yesterday when Cheria and I visited Hungry Mother for a family picnic.

Although the weather has been a bit damp and cool of late, yesterday was just gorgeous! After enjoying a very nice meal and a bit of chatting with several of Cheria's relatives, I took my camera down to the lakeshore to take a few pictures. A handful of canoes and kayaks were sharing the water with a large flock of Canadian geese and the lake was either a deep green or blue depending on whether it was reflecting the trees lining the far shore or the beautiful sky. It was quite a striking scene.

Hungry Mother State Park is a wonderful place to visit during summer vacation time, but I now have a new-found appreciation for what she has to offer her visitors even after the large crowds have departed for the season. We just might have to go up there again in a week or two after the leaves have had a chance to turn into an autumn mosaic!

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