Just about everyone at some point in their life will consider playing a musical instrument of some sort. This is because the desire to make music is inherent in human nature.

If you don’t believe that just try and think of someone you know who does not hum, sing in the shower, play faux drums when listening to music or who does not try and sing along with every song that comes on the radio. It’s hard isn’t it? That’s because people love music and that is a given, period.

Stop Dreaming and Get Busy

There is a distinct difference between someone who dreams of playing guitar and someone who actually does it. You can sit around and talk about the fact that you wish you knew how to play the guitar or you can do something about it, the choice is yours. If you are serious then the first thing you are going to want to do is choose the best guitar for beginners.

Think about what kind of guitar you would like to end up playing. Will you ultimately want to play rhythm, lead, bass, classical etc.? This is a pretty important decision and having a goal in the beginning is always helpful. Remember, you can always switch later. Read more…

Visitors are the lifeblood of your blog, people you probably will never meet unless they’re your relatives or you attend conferences where you cross each other’s paths. The former may take pity on you and make the occasional visit to help brighten your day. The latter may smile to your face, but secretly wish your blog was more user-friendly.

If people were honest, they would tell you what is wrong with your blog. Then again, if you were to ask them, you might find the following shortcomings are contributing to your blog’s high bounce rate:

1 – You talk too much about yourself.

Yes, it is true: you are the hype king, a self-promotional type of person who talks all about himself and forgets that he has an audience.

Guess what? Blogging isn’t about you: it is about them – your readers. Lose the first person voice and write in the third person. Talk about people besides yourself and generously link out to quality websites.

Self-promoting has its limits. Unfortunately, you’ve pushed this boundary a bit too far and too often here. Read more…

So, you are interested in launching a real estate blog or website. Once you’ve successfully determined your business objectives, your target markets and voice and tone of your blog, next you should figure out ways in which you will manage all this once it is up and running.

First, you will need a robust Content Management System (CMS), which will help you simplify all activities associated with plugins, managing edits, ascertaining site structure, SEO, and tons of other useful things that will simplify blog management.

Many real estate agents and realtors often ask whether they should have a blog, a website, or both. Well, it’s best if you can have both as they are inclusive, and by combining them you can have a powerful comprehensive solution. Read more…

The biggest thing that affects a relationship is trust. Many couples never learn how to trust the other one. They are always those couples who are constantly worrying about whether the other one is cheating or lying to them.

The only way that a couple will ever be happy is if they trust one another. You will always have a partner who works with someone of the opposite sex or they may have lifelong friends who are of the opposite sex.

The key thing in any relationship is to trust because no matter what kind of job your partner has, they will be around others that are the opposite sex, it is just how the two of you communicate that will determine if your relationship will get that trust factor before it is too late. My friend, who happens to earn a nurse practitioner salary, always talks about this with me. Read more…

Trespassing is the act of going inside a property without the knowledge of the owner. It is the act of surreptitiously gaining entry into a property or any structure, commercial or other facilities, such as a research center, a school, or a power plant, without permission or authorization.

Those who trespass can be prosecuted in a civil or criminal court, depending on the characteristics of the trespassing incident.

Criminal Trespassing

Criminal trespassing occurs when a person knowingly goes in or remains on a property that is not his, and this can be classified as a misdemeanor. However, other factors can elevate a misdemeanor trespassing charge into a criminal trespassing case.

If, for instance, the trespasser causes damage to property or he hurts the residents, occupants or tenants of the property where he trespassed, like in cases involving burglaries or home invasions, then a trespasser can be charged for criminal trespassing.

Other factors that can enhance a trespassing charge to criminal trespassing include: Read more…

Summer has finally hit the UK. We have blue skies, warm weather, and while most of us would like to be sat in a beer garden with a nice cold glass of Pimms, we’re stuck in offices or summer schools.

Though we have the evenings, most of us still find ourselves on the sofa at 8pm, settling down to the latest installment of Eastenders.

Meanwhile, the thought of donning a swimming costume for your trip to Greece in a couple of months fills you with dread.

Now, I’m not suggesting you fling yourself at the nearest gym screaming “Make me skinny!”. No one wants to be dripping sweat on the treadmill in a 35 degree gym when you could be getting a tan. I’m suggesting you make the most of this weather, get out in the sun, and get fit the fun way!

Here are 5 great ways to get fit without even trying: Read more…

Bloggers are the Rodney Dangerfield of the writing world, people who do not get respect. Some of that is unfortunate, as many bloggers contribute valuable information that is oftentimes missed by the mainstream media.

But, in other instances the disrespect is deserved because the blogger has made some mistakes that make him/her look like an amateur.

If your blog’s bounce rates are high, there could be some very good reasons why people leave your site at first glance. Read on as we identify and discuss five blogging mistakes you must correct…

1 – Your theme is a mess.

You settled for one of those freebie WordPress themes, thinking it would attract and retain readers.

Unfortunately, the theme is seriously broken, hiding comments automatically, sending your readers to the wrong pages or simply featuring an undesirable color combination.

Perhaps most important of all, test your blog regularly for broken links. And by all means invest in a quality theme that rocks. Read more…

If you are trying to reduce your energy bills and preserve the environment by using less power in your home, there are many things that you can do to decrease your consumption.

Unfortunately there are many pieces of common wisdom which are being passed around about saving energy which are simply not true. These myths are repeated so many times that everyone believes that they are valid and uses these techniques to cut down their energy consumption, while failing to learn the more accurate realities about home energy.

Here are four of the most common energy saving myths which continue to be believed by a huge number of consumers: Read more…

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