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Are you a world-class procrastinator? Do you know what you need to do but seem to always find something else to do that’s not as important? Are you often so overwhelmed by your responsibilities that you can’t seem to get started meeting them? If you often put things off and then feel guilty for doing […]

As a former officer in the U.S. Army, I enjoy reading about the success of others who got their start in the military. One such man is Rusty Solomon. Before beginning his military service, Rusty lacked the discipline and skills necessary to make his way in the world and live a successful life. But once […]

Almost every working adult will ask his or her boss for a raise at some point in his or her career. Asking for a raise can be a nerve-wracking experience but can also have big financial benefits. Before asking for a raise, consider the value that you bring to your company. Simple actions, such as […]

Having a dispute with your neighbor is not an uncommon occurrence. Disagreements with your neighbors can happen. They can turn into arguments and, later on, into disputes. During this time, some people often do crazy and stupid things, such as verbally assaulting the other party or even destroying some of their property. Note though that […]

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is defined as “an enterprising individual who builds capital through risk and/or innovation”. Over the years, energetic, innovative and forward-thinking individuals have driven their companies from humble beginnings to global success. Here are ten of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in recent history: 1 – Steve Jobs (Apple) Steve Jobs […]

Just about everyone at some point in their life will consider playing a musical instrument of some sort. This is because the desire to make music is inherent in human nature. If you don’t believe that just try and think of someone you know who does not hum, sing in the shower, play faux drums […]

The biggest thing that affects a relationship is trust. Many couples never learn how to trust the other one. They are always those couples who are constantly worrying about whether the other one is cheating or lying to them. The only way that a couple will ever be happy is if they trust one another. […]

When it comes to providing the best education for children with special needs and learning difficulties, the debate still rages on. Many parents believe enrolling their children into special schools will provide them with the best education and stimulation for learning. Others believe that letting their children with learning difficulties remain part of the mainstream […]

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