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Picture of the day - June 5, 2005

Olivia Conquering A Boulder


Olivia Conquering A Boulder
Today's picture features my granddaughter Olivia climbing a huge boulder near Backbone Rock. This amazing boulder is located right beside the trail that leads to Backbone Rock Falls. Actually, if you could see through the rock you would see the top of the falls just a few feet away to the right.

In addition to Backbone Rock itself, the Iron Mountain area has thousands of boulders of all sizes lying around - silent witnesses to thousands of years of geological change. Beaver Dam Creek, which runs almost all the way around Backbone Rock, has a massive quantity of these types of rocks piled up in the creek bed, resulting in numerous small, yet beautiful waterfalls. All of the trails in the area also have lots of these stones lying around, with the one in the photo above being one of the largest. 

The Backbone Rock National Recreation Area is one of the most unusual and interesting places you can visit, and it's located just a short three mile drive from beautiful and friendly Damascus, Va!

The next time you're driving along I-81 in southwestern Virginia, why not take a couple of hours and visit Backbone Rock? Just take exit 19 at Abingdon, Va and follow highway 58 to Damascus, then turn right onto Shady Avenue and go about three miles to Backbone Rock! It will be a side-trip to remember!

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