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Picture of the day - September 18, 2005

Amy Skydiving In Chester, SC


Amy Skydiving
Today's picture features my step-daughter Amy falling out of the sky. Almost every weekend, weather permitting, she and Gene head down to Skydive Carolina in Chester County, South Carolina for a couple of days of skydiving fun and foolishness. A great time is had by all if you don't count her mom and me - we spend our time worrying about them while they're "jumping".

Amy and Gene are quite simply two of the most wonderful people I know ( I know, I'm a little biased). They're both highly intelligent, college educated people who are very successful in their lives and careers - which lead Cheria and me to ask them why on earth do they want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Their answer: Some of the airplanes they jump out of aren't that good - sometimes they actually feel safer jumping out!

Joking aside, Amy and Gene are very good at most everything they do, and skydiving is no exception. Gene is a skydiving instructor with a Level D certification and over 2,000 "jumps" under his belt. Amy has quite a ways to go to catch up with him, but she's doing very well too - she's moving up the certification "ladder" at a good pace.

Cheria and I once hoped that skydiving was just a passing interest for Amy - you know, one of those things you do a few times just for the experience and then move on. Wrong!

We now accept the fact that she'll probably be falling from the sky for years to come, and that's fine. She enjoys skydiving and that's all that really matters. We love her very much and want her to live her life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it, so in the meantime we'll just worry and pray whenever they're in Chester.

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