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Picture of the day - September 27, 2005

My "Grandson" Sage


Sage - My German Shepard "Grandson"

At first glance, Sage looks like most any other black German Shepard, but he isn't. This amazing animal is so well trained that he listens and follows voice commands just like a child - well, actually better than the typical child.

Amy adopted Sage when he was just a young puppy, and she immediately began training him. An apt student, he quickly learned several voice commands. Amy worked with him day-in and day-out for quite some time, and the results are spectacular. He listens to every word she says and obeys her commands. Watching the two of them together gives you the feeling that he's more human than canine.

Sage loves Amy very much - in fact, as far as he's concerned she's his mom. And the feeling is mutual - he's her young'un and that's all there is to it! There is an amazing parental bond between the two of them.

When I married my wife, I "inherited" two wonderful daughters, a beautiful granddaughter and several four-legged "grandchildren". Every once in a while I get to "baby-sit" Sage and we have a great time together. He truly is a special being - a "grandson" that anyone would be proud of!

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