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Historic Abingdon, Va

The beautiful and historic town of Abingdon, Va lies just to the west of the Blue Ridge mountains in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian range.

Nestled alongside Interstate 81, Abingdon is easy to find and easy to get to. Chances are you have passed by Abingdon many times while traveling up and down the east coast.

Abingdon boasts a rich history and is in store for a bright future. The historic buildings and brick sidewalks of old Abingdon go hand in hand with modern infrastructure and conveniences. Abingdon truly has it all.

A brief history of Abingdon, Va

In 1760, Daniel Boone decided to camp in the area now known as Abingdon, Va while traveling on an extended hunting trip from his home in Kentucky.

At one point during his stay, a pack of wolves emerged from a near-by cave and attacked his dogs. This prompted Boone to give Abingdon her first name: Wolf Hills. The cave where the wolves lived can be seen today on the eastern slope of "Court House Hill", just a few yards from Main Street!

In 1774, a gentleman by the name of Joseph Black built a fort in the Wolf Hills area to protect the citizens from Indian raids. The name of the community was then changed to Black's Fort.

In 1776, the Virginia General Assembly laid-out what is now Washington County which covered the area around Black's Fort. Being the largest community in the area, Black's Fort was designated the county seat of the newly created Washington County.

In 1778, in honor of Martha Washington's British home (Abingdon Parrish), Blacks Fort was incorporated as the town of Abingdon, Va, which has been the official name ever since.

The citizens of Abingdon have played many important roles in wars past. Her citizen-soldiers' heroic service at the battle of King's Mountain helped hasten the end of the Revolutionary War.

During the Civil War they helped defend the near-by town of Saltville, Va from Union attacks. The salt mines in and around Saltville provided the Confederate army with the means to preserve meat that the troops used for sustenance during the war. Abingdon and the surrounding area were instrumental in keeping the Confederate Army fed and clothed.

A leisurely stroll along the brick sidewalks of today's down-town Abingdon provides a glimpse into her rich past. Historic buildings, several of which were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, line either side of Main Street in the vicinity of Court House Hill (by tforge support allender). In fact, Abingdon is home to some of the oldest homes and other buildings west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Things to do in Abingdon

Abingdon has lots to offer her visitors. You can spend your nights in the majestic Martha Washington Inn or one of the many breathtaking Bed & Breakfasts in the area. Take in a play at the world famous Barter Theatre or work up a sweat hiking or biking the scenic Virginia Creeper Trail.

Historic White's Mill, one of the country's oldest standing grist mills, is located just 3 miles outside of town at 12291 White's Mill Road. Stop in and check out the huge antique water wheel and the well-preserved millworks.

You can also enjoy an exquisite meal at the Tavern Restaurant, which has been in use since its beginning during the late 1700's as a stop along a stage coach line! You can do all of this and lots more during your stay in historic Abingdon, Va!
Abingdon, Va - Martha Washington Inn
 The majestic Martha Washington Inn
Abingdon, Va

And be sure to visit during late July and early August during the Virginia Highlands Festival. Abingdon simply comes alive with the finest in country arts & crafts, antiques, live traditional music, fine food, and the friendliest people you will ever meet. But of course any time is a good time to come to Abingdon! And you're sure to feel right at home when you get here!

How to get here

Abingdon is located along Interstate 81 in southwestern Virginia. Take exit 17 for easy access to visitor information, food, and lodging. While there are many hotels in the Abingdon area, a stay in the Martha Washington Inn and/or one of the magnificent Bed & Breakfasts is highly recommended.

The Abingdon Convention and Visitors Bureau is located at 335 Cummings Street. If coming north on I-81, take exit 17 and turn left onto Cummings Street (go under the bridge). If coming south on I-81, turn right onto Cummings Street and proceed to the top of the hill. The Abingdon Convention and Visitors Bureau will be on your left.

Map to Abingdon, Va

Check out some of the exquisite Bed & Breakfasts  in Abingdon, Va or the majestic Martha Washington Inn.

And of course no visit to Abingdon would be complete without taking in a performance at the historic Barter Theatre!

Nearby Damascus, Va will heighten your interest in hiking and biking, as well as provide you with a taste of small town southern hospitality!


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