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Picture of the day - March 14, 2005

Backbone Rock Falls


Backbone Rock Falls
Just a couple of miles from Damascus, Va, across the Tennessee state line in the Sutherland community, is a wonder of nature called Backbone Rock. Today's photo features the lower section of Backbone Rock Falls which is right across the river from the Rock itself.

The beauty of Backbone Rock Falls isn't in the size - they certainly aren't on a par with Niagara in that respect. What sets the falls at Backbone Rock apart are the way they contrast with the moss-covered stones and the surrounding forest.

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Backbone Rock, be sure to set aside a few minutes to walk the short trail around and over the falls. It's rather steep with hundreds of steps, but the sights and sounds of the forest and falls sure do make it worth the effort.

The Backbone Rock Falls trail starts on the left side of the falls, curving upwards and to the right to a point where you can actually look straight down on top of them, then it more or less parallels the mountain stream back down the rock bluff.

The photo above is actually of the lower section of the falls. The upper section is best recorded as a sweet memory.

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