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Beautiful & Friendly Damascus, Va

Damascus, VA: "The friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail!"

Damascus, Va is a delightfully beautiful, quiet, and peaceful town. Located in southwestern Virginia, Damascus is just a short drive or bicycle ride from historic Abingdon, VA, and within easy walking distance of the VA/TN line.

Damascus' colorful history can be traced all the way back to the legendary Daniel Boone, who in 1759, cut a trail from eastern Tennessee's Iron Mountain Gap through the areas known today as Damascus and Abingdon, Va, and on to Kentucky.

Nestled in a picturesque valley where the Beaverdam and Laurel creeks converge, Damascus is a genuine paradise for those who love the outdoors. The Damascus area is a hunter's paradise, and it offers some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Damascus also offers a hiking experience above and beyond all others. In addition to the the Appalachian Trail, which stretches all the way from Georgia to Maine, Damascus also serves as a hub for the popular Virginia Creeper Trail and the Iron Mountain and Daniel Boone trails.

Each of these magnificent trails offers scenic vistas and enjoyment for hikers of all skill and fitness levels! The workouts enjoyed by hiking these trails vary from leisurely to challenging.

Damascus's trails also provide some simply amazing bicycle rides! You can catch a shuttle to nearby Whitetop Station, then bike the 17 miles back to Damascus or 32 miles to Abingdon.

You'll pass through scenic mountain valleys and flowering meadows, and cross the rushing "Straight Branch" creek numerous times (the name "Straight Branch" is very ironic since the creek is replete with numerous twists and curves).

Amazingly, the 17 mile stretch of the trail from Whitetop Station to Damascus is quite literally all downhill! What a way to bike a trail: take a scenic 17 mile van-ride up, and coast all the way back down on a bicycle!

You don't own a bike (or have it with you)? No problem. You can rent one for the day at one of Damascus' several bike shops!

If you enjoy unique and interesting geological features (or great camping, hiking, or fishing), nearby Backbone Rock (just 3 miles south across the Tennessee state line) is a must-see while you're visiting the Damascus area.

Damascus hosts a weeklong festival each May called "Trail Days". Besides being located directly on the Appalachian Trail roughly 1/4 of the way between Georgia and Maine, Damascus has become recognized and loved by hikers from all over the world as the "friendliest town on the trail".

During the Trail Days festival, the locals open their homes (literally) and offer their unique variety of southern hospitality to the thousands of hikers and visitors who descend on the normally quiet town.

The festival is kicked off with a town-wide "yard sale", and capped with the extremely popular Hiker's Parade.

The week in between is filled with virtually non-stop performances of live Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel music, as well as delightful food ranging from local Appalachian home-cooked meals to the exotic.

Whatever your taste in music and cuisine, Damascus is sure to please during Trail Days!

Being a small town, you won't find any hotels or motels in Damascus. What you will find however is lots of camping venues and several breathtaking and charming Damascus Bed & Breakfasts!

Your stay in Damascus, Va is sure to be one you'll never forget! You'll find tons of outdoor entertainment, tasty food, and lodging ranging from the rustic to the ornate (by tforge support allender). And the wonderful people of Damascus will welcome you with open arms!


Directions to Damascus from Interstate 81 (Abingdon):

From Interstate 81 south, take exit 19 and turn left onto Lee Highway (turn right if exiting from I-81 north). Proceed to the traffic light and bear right on to US Highway 58. Follow US-58 approximately 12 miles to Damascus.

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