White's Mill

White's Mill: An Abingdon, Va historic landmark

The beautiful town of Abingdon, Va is known for its historic landmarks, and White's Mill is one of her most-loved treasures.

White's Mill, established in 1790, is one of Virginia's oldest standing grist mills. Her huge imported grinding wheel provided flour for families and businesses from miles around for well over a century.

This old mill holds a prominent place in Civil War history. During Stoneman's Raid, her wheel was ripped from its axel by union forces, but the good fortune of a thunderstorm prevented the building from burning down.
Photo of White's Mill, Abingdon, Va
Historic White's Mill, Abingdon, Va

Today, White's Mill is no longer producing flour, but plans are in the works to restore the sluice and place her back in operation. This majestic old building itself remains in remarkably good condition.

One of Virginia's most beloved historic sites, White's Mill has been designated a Virginia Historic Landmark and placed in the US National Register of Historic Places.

When in Abingdon, be sure to visit White's Mill at 12291 White's Mill Road.

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