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Wireless Weather Stations

Keep up on the weather with your own wireless weather station!

My dad was always fascinated by the weather. He just loved to keep tabs on the current temperature, barometric pressure, and other weather stats - but he hated going outside to read the gauges. What he needed was a wireless weather station!

Wireless weather stations didn't exist back then, but they do now - and at very affordable prices. There are basic units like La Crosse Technology's WS-7034U that simply display the indoor and outdoor temperatures, advanced models like the Rainwise MK III that give dozens of interesting weather stats, and others that fall somewhere in between.

The beauty of a wireless weather station is there are no wires to run. You simply install the batteries, then place the outside unit at a convenient location outside your home and the indoor unit inside the house wherever you want it. The sensors on the outdoor unit take the readings and a built-in radio transmitter sends the data to the indoor unit in real time. It's really that simple!

The only downside to a wireless weather station is having to change the batteries every once in a while, but the simple convenience of not having to run any wires at all makes that small task very much worth it.

Yes, my dad would have loved having a wireless weather station to feed his weather stats habit, but he couldn't get his hands on one. But you can, and for a very reasonable price!

About the Author:

Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Directory & Informational Resources.

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