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Picture of the day - April 3, 2005

Dad's Windmill


Dad's decorative windmill

Today's photo features a very special decorative windmill. There is really nothing special about the windmill itself - it doesn't serve a practical purpose such as generating electricity, pumping water or any of the other typical uses of a windmill. No, what makes this windmill special is what it represents.... You see, this old windmill belonged to my dad.

He was an inquisitive man, always reading about whatever topic he happened to be interested in at the time, always learning something new about science, nature, politics, you name it! If it was covered in the World Book Encyclopedia, he probably knew something about it.

One of dad's favorite pastimes was experimenting with and building whirligigs of all sorts. As a young child I would watch in amazement as he would take a pair of scissors to an empty Prince Albert tobacco can and make a stove-top whirligig that would spin around non-stop as the heat rose from the old wood stove.

But his favorite whirligig of all was the windmill. He built dozens of them over the course of his lifetime - wood, metal, plastic... It didn't matter to dad. If it could be cut, bent or molded into blades he would make a windmill out of it. At most any point in time our yard and garden would have at least a couple of decorative windmills betraying even the slightest breeze that happened to be flowing across our property.

As the years began to take their toll on his health, dad got to the point where he was unable to build windmills any longer. But he still loved watching those spinning blades, placed into motion by the silent, invisible, yet obvious touch of God's hand on the wind.

The decorative windmill featured in today's photo was installed on the front lawn so that he could sit on the porch and watch the wind do its work. He spent countless hours doing just that in the final years of his life. Up until the very time that God decided it was time to bring him home, he never lost that child-like fascination with whirligigs.

My dad passed away a few years ago, and now he is no doubt looking down on the very winds that power the windmills. But his old decorative windmill still stands on the front lawn today, an ever-present reminder of the man we all loved and miss dearly.

My brother makes sure it remains in like-new condition. Every couple of years or so he takes it apart, removes the rust and paints all the parts. Then he carefully puts it back together and feeds it with a shot of grease. Not because he shares dad's love of whirligigs... because he shares our love for dad.

In loving memory of Paul Rouse.

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