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Quadruple Your Banner Ad Click-Through Rates!

Have you noticed that your banners rarely get clicked on?

Most webmasters are aware of the dismal click-through rates of banners but they aren't aware that there are effective alternatives.

Banner ads used to be a very effective method of advertising, but the web has become bloated with banner after banner. As a result they're largely ignored today. Current banner ad click-through rates are simply awful!

But did you know there is a simple and effective way to get more people to click on your banners? Read on... 

The click-through-rates of text links is roughly 4 times that of banner ads. Text links tend to give a prospective customer more useful information about the link and less hype. And with a text link you avoid the headaches that you get when staring at a flashing banner.

Text links also just look better and "cleaner" than banner ads. A web page filled with banners is very unpleasing to the eye and many web surfers will just hit the back button when they see them.

Of course the big problem with text links is that most banner exchange programs and sites that sell advertising use banners. So to advertise on most sites you have to have a standard 468 x 60 pixel banner to use in your ad campaigns.

This poses a dilemma for advertisers but there is a simple solution: Make your banners look like text links!

Here is an example of such a banner:
"Text link" style banner

Looks just like a regular text link, doesn't it? Most web surfers will click
on an ad like this and not even realize that they're clicking on a banner!

Here at RLROUSE.COM, we use these "text link" banners and we get
excellent click-through rates!

Why not try a "text link" banner yourself? You have nothing to lose
and 4 times the click-throughs on your banner ads to gain!

We'll create a great looking banner just like this for you absolutely free!
All we ask in return is a simple link back to our site.

How to get your free "Text Link" banner:

1 - Place a link to RLROUSE.COM on your web site.
     Click here for our link information.

URL of the page on your site with our link on it. Be sure to include
your text link information that you want to have placed on your banner
(Title and description).

After we verify our link on your site, we'll create your free "text link"
banner and email it to you, usually within 24 hours.

Get yours now and make your banner ad "pull" like a text link!

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