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SEO Toolkit! - Part 16

Part 16 - Paid website promotion methods

Today, one of the most cost effective methods of purchasing advertising for your website is the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engines and directories.

PPC sites allow you to place an ad with a link on their site. You select and bid on keywords that will drive visitors to your site. The higher your bid for each keyword, the higher on the page your ad will appear when that keyword is searched on by someone looking for your widgets.

Bids start as low as $.01 per click, but most of the better PPC sites start the bidding at $.05 to $.10 per click. 

For PPC advertising, I strongly recommend Yahoo Search Advertising and Google Adwords. Visit their sites for more information. You can find many other PPC search engines by doing a Google search on "pay per click".

Another excellent source of paid advertising is Ezines dedicated to your field or website theme. These ads can be very inexpensive and they allow you to quickly reach several thousand potential targeted customers. Again, just do a Google search on "ezine advertising".

If you plan to advertise in ezines (and you should), we highly recommend 2 Bucks An Ad. Every time they place ads for us our traffic and sales increase substantially for the next few days after the ads are published.

For only $2 per ad, you can advertise to 800,000+ ezine readers who have already proven to be interested in the topic of your site.

Last but not least, you can sometimes purchase a link on a large related website. Why pay for a link? Most large, popular websites won't do reciprocal links with other smaller sites. But many will gladly sell you a link for a pretty hefty price.

A site with a Page Rank of 6, 7, or higher will usually have traffic measured in the million + hits per month range. A well-placed text ad link purchased from one of these sites can drive your hit counter crazy.

To request a link purchase, just send an email to the advertising department and ask! But remember, you should ONLY purchase an advertising link for the sole purpose of gaining traffic and customers, not for increasing your Page Rank.

Purchasing a link in order to boost PR skews the quality of Google's search results. Because of this Google will ban any site caught doing it. 

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