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SEO Toolkit! - Part 15

Part 15 - Free website promotion methods

While most of your traffic will come from search engines and directories (mostly Google and Yahoo), there are many other excellent ways to get even more traffic to your website. And most of them are free!

The single best source of free website promotion is one that you already have in place by now: Links to your site, reciprocal and otherwise. While links from high quality websites (as defined earlier) are essential to attaining a good Page Rank, any link to your site has the potential to bring in more traffic.

The key is not to link back to a lower quality website. You're probably asking yourself "How in the world am I supposed to get webmasters to link to me if I don't offer to link back to them?". The answer is simple: Just ask them for a link.

Many webmasters will be more than happy to link to you just because they like your site or because your site has information and resources that are of value to their own site's visitors. Ask away, all she can say is no. But you'll be surprised how often she'll say yes!

In order to raise your level of success with one-way linking requests, you can sweeten the pot by offering something other than a link back to the webmaster in return. You might offer her a free email account or other free service that your site happens to offer.

If you sell e-books that you have written you can offer one to the webmaster for free in exchange for a link to your site. The opportunities are endless. Just use your imagination.

Another excellent source of free traffic is your own website. Place a "Tell A Friend" script on your site and let your visitors and customers advertise for you. There are many sites on the web where you can go to download powerful scripts for free. A list of links to some of those sites is provided at the end of this document.

Also don't forget to use a signature file with your email program. You can send out a free advertisement to everyone that you send an email to. Just be sure that the email has another primary purpose besides just advertising your site.

SPAMming is very much frowned upon and can get a person into a whole heap of trouble! But if used properly, a signature file can bring in lots of free traffic. Here is my signature file as an example:

Email body... blah blah blah

blah blah blah   blah blah blah


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Every email that I send out has my "ad" in it. You can do the same.

Another source of free traffic is free classified ad sites. The effectiveness of classified ads varies from site to site, but hey, it's free! Just do a Google search on "free classified ads".

Last but not least, you can offer a free newsletter to visitors who come to your site. And of course your newsletters will include an advertisement or two! Just be sure to collect the email addresses with an opt-in newsletter sign-up form.

Collecting email addresses any other way will lead to charges of Spamming. The first and last lines of each newsletter should include unsubscribe instructions.

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