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Orlando and Kissimmee

Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida - The theme park capitol of the world!

Central Florida's Orlando / Kissimmee / Lake Buena Vista area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Millions of people from all over the globe vacation here each and every year!

Walt Disney World is the main attraction of course, but the Orlando area has lots of fun and excitement waiting for you! Here are some of the local attractions:

  1. The Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista is Disney's original theme park. This enchanted wonderland continues to be a huge favorite among kids of all ages.

    Rides galore, Cinderella's Castle, and Mickey Mouse and all the other favorite Disney characters will entertain the child in everyone!
  2. Animal Kingdom is Disney's newest adventure park. It features the natural drama of animal life in the wild, offering its visitors amazing encounters with wild animals, real and imagined, current and from times past.
  3. The Epcot center is an educational and cultural attraction that will challenge your mind and satisfy your senses. At Epcot, you can sample delicious food and music from around the world and marvel at the world of science.
  4. At Disney-MGM Studios, you can watch as Disney animators create delightful characters and explain the art and science of movie-making during an exciting back lot tour.
  5. Perhaps the most popular attraction in the Orlando / Kissimmee area is Universal Studios Florida. Here, you can "ride the movies." One popular example is "Kongfrontation," where you will encounter King Kong on a busy New York City subway. 

    Earthquake, 3-D Battle Across Time, Terminator 2, and Jaws are among Universal Studios' other movie attractions. And the awesome "Twister" will allow you to experience the destructive nature of an actual tornado from just 20 feet away!
  6. Seaworld offers its visitors the opportunity to witness and participate in the training and feeding of a wide variety of sea animals.

    Sea lions, seals, manatees, walruses, sea cows, whales (Shamu), and polar bears will take your breath away with their grace and beauty.
  7. Although the Orlando and Kissimmee area isn't the typical Florida "beach destination", water parks abound in central Florida! Disney's Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon as well as Wet 'n Wild and Watermania offer endless hours of refreshing water fun.
  8. Great food and entertainment are a staple in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Lake Buena Vista:
    • Pleasure Island celebrates New Year's Eve each and every night of the year with fascinating laser light shows and festive street dances.
    • Kissimmee's Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament allows you to watch knights in colorful costumes joust for victory over their opponents.
    • CityWalk at Universal Studios offers 30 acres of entertainment, including wonderful themed restaurants, dazzling nightclubs, live entertainment, engaging cinemas, and world-class shopping.
Central Florida's Orlando / Kissimmee / Lake Buena Vista area offers fun and adventure for every member of the family. Whatever your interests may be, you're sure to satisfy them here!

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