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Orlando / Kissimmee Golf Courses


  • Celebration Golf Club
      701 Golf Park Dr.
      Celebration, FL  34747

      Local Phone: 407-566-4653
      Toll Free Worldwide: 888-2PLAY18
      Fax: 407-566-1037

  • Mystic Dunes Golf Club
      7850 Shadow Tree Ln.
      Celebration, FL 34747 

      Local Phone: 407-787-5678 
      Toll Free U.S./Canada: 866-311-1234 
      Fax: 407-787-5656

  • ChampionsGate Golf Resort
      1400 Masters Blvd.
      Champions Gate, FL 33896 

      Local Phone: 407-787-4653 
      Toll Free U.S.: 888-558-9301 
      Toll Free U.S./Canada: 888-558-9301 
      Fax: 407-787-4650

  • Falcons Fire Golf Club
      3200 Seralago Blvd.
      Kissimmee, FL  34746

      Local Phone: 407-239-5445
      Toll Free U.S.: 877-878-3473
      Toll Free U.S./Canada: 877-878-FIRE
      Toll Free Worldwide: 877-878-FIRE
      Fax: 407-397-9047

    Orlando golf courses, Kissimmee golf courses, and those in the surrounding areas
    are among the best in the world. Many vacationers visit the area just to play the
    beautiful and challenging central Florida golf courses! Orlando golf courses offer
    the very best in golfing entertainment!

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