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SEO Toolkit! - Part 9

Part 9 - Header Tags and ALT Tags

Near the top of your page, you should use your primary keywords in an <H1> header tag. Google gives extra weight to text located within header tags when computing PR. Also use a couple of <H2> tags on your page because they count as well (although not as much as the <H1>.

Here is an example of an <H1> tag:

          <H1>Distinctive birdhouses and birdfeeders</H1>

An <H2> tag would look like this:

           <H2>We offer the finest in handcrafted birdhouses
                   and birdfeeders</H2>

Photos do not help your ranking. But you can use <ALT> tags to describe your photos. If you can use a keyword or two in your <ALT> tag that is even better. but be careful here that your <ALT> tag accurately describes the photo or or the search engines may consider it to be SPAM - which of course is not good. Here is an example of an <ALT> tag:

<img src="birdhousepictures/bird.gif" ALT="Photo of a small bird.">

<ALT> tags are intended to give a description of a photo in cases where the web browser either cannot display photos or the photo display option has been turned off. If you use these tags properly, your site's visitors will be able to see the description of an un-displayed photo (a good thing). But even more importantly your <ALT> tags will help your search engine ranking.

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