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SEO Toolkit! - Part 10

Part 10 - Adding new pages to your site

Google loves to spider new pages and she loves lots of high quality content. Try to add at least one new page to your site each day. If you simply can't add a new page each day, add one whenever you can. But don't put up junk. Make sure the pages are useful to your visitors and "friendly" to the search engines.

An analysis of the top ranked pages on Google suggests that Google prefers short, concise pages as opposed to long, rambling ones. This is good news for you as a webmaster! It's pretty easy to create a short page on a particular topic (if possible built around one of the keywords that you wish to target).

If you already have a long page (or several) on your site, consider breaking the longer pages up into several shorter pages. Your visitors will find your site easier to understand and navigate. And of course having lots of shorter, concise pages will help your search engine rankings.

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