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Memories Of A Backyard Grapevine

Why I'm planting a grapevine in my back yard

A concord grapevine.There are some things from our childhood that we never forget, and some of my most enduring childhood memories involve the beautiful concord grapevine that grew on the rustic wood arbor in our back yard.

In the summer, we kids would take our toys and spend hours at a time playing under that old grapevine. It seemed like no matter how hot it got outdoors it was always cool under there!

And of course I can clearly remember how much I loved picking those plump and juicy, purple concord grapes off the vine when they became ripe in the fall. I would eat so many of them that I thought I wouldn't be able to walk back in to the house. But I always did, and mom would send me straight into the bathroom to wash the messy grape juice from my face.

Of course our grapevine wasn't just there for fun and games. Mom would pick whatever grapes were left after us kids and the birds had had our fill, and she would set to making homemade grape jelly or jam. I just loved eating the first sandwich made from a fresh batch of grape jam - usually while it was still hot from the canning process!

Today, my wife and I saw some grapevines at our local nursery and all of those memories came flooding back into my mind. How wonderful it would be to have a concord grape vine or two growing in the back yard behind our new house! I started to make an impulse buy right there on the spot, but I decided to hold off and do some shopping at a few of the online nurseries instead.

But one thing is for certain: We will have a couple of grape vines growing out back before long, just in time for our granddaughter Olivia to make a few childhood memories of her own!

About the Author:

Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Directory & Informational Resources.

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