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SEO Toolkit! - Part 13

Part 13 - Getting "found" by the search engines

These days, getting your website "found" and indexed by the search engines is something of a no-brainer. In times past, webmasters spent hours (and dollars) submitting their sites to every search engine they could find, with mixed results at best. But now all we have to do to get a site indexed in Google, Bing and the other top search engines is get a decent inbound link or two from a site that is already indexed. And as always, the more links the better.

If possible, try to get at least one link to your site from the home page of a site that is crawled by the search engine spiders daily. If you can manage to do that, your site will probably be crawled and indexed itself within a day or two. But even if you can't get a link that "good", links anywhere on a few already indexed sites will do the trick (although it will likely take a few extra days).

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