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How To Make A Good Living On Ebay!

8 tips for building a successful Ebay business

Ebay offers almost anyone a bona fide opportunity to make a good living on the web. In a matter of minutes, you can open an Ebay account and be in business. There are thousands of sellers who make a good living on Ebay, and so can you!

Here are a few tips to help ensure your Ebay success:

  1. Sell a product that offers the buyer a lot of value, yet is very inexpensive to purchase or produce. A large profit margin is a must for succeeding on Ebay.

    One of the most profitable items that you can sell online is information in the form of ebooks. Ebooks are dirt cheap to produce (how about free?), and if your ebook is full of useful and interesting information, your Ebay sales will soar!

    Just write a few pages on a topic that you know a bit about (or do some free research on the web), then compile them into an attractive ebook.

    You'll need a quality software package for creating your ebooks, and the better ones aren't cheap. But you can download one of the very best ebook creator software packages available right here, absolutely free!
  2. Write a thorough description of your product, and be sure to include a couple of high-quality photos.

    Write the description like a review instead of an ad. Make the copy so enticing that the reader feels that he simply has to place a bid!

    Many Ebay product descriptions look like they were written by an amateur (and many of them were). Make yours stand out from the pack with a professional look and interesting copy.

    Don't explain the features of your product, explain the benefits! And talk directly to the reader, not in abstract terms. Consider these two sentences:
    • This ebook explains how to cheaply build a computer.
    • The secrets revealed in my ebook will tell you exactly how to build your own computer, step-by-step, and how to get the parts at rock bottom prices!
    See the difference? Which sentence would be more likely to entice you to buy the ebook?
  3. Maximize your Ebay profits with secondary and add-on sales. Ebay's listing fees and final value fees add up very quickly. To be a successful Ebay seller, you have to make the most of every listing that you put up and pay for.

    For instance, if you sell an ebook, provide a link to a page on your website that the purchaser must visit in order to download it. Be sure to use the download page as a sales page for additional items that are related to the one you just sold.

    For instance, let's say a customer has just purchased an ebook from your Ebay listing that explains how to build a website.

    On the download page, offer another ebook that explains how to find the best web host, and still another ebook on how to get traffic to the new website. The opportunities for add-on sales are endless!
  4. You don't have a website? Why not? They're easy to create and dirt cheap to host and promote!

    If you check out the most successful sellers on Ebay, you'll find that with very few exceptions they all have an independent website that they use to offer add-on sales! Get one for yourself and watch your Ebay profits go through the roof!
  5. Advertise your website on Ebay for the cost of a cheap item listing! While Ebay doesn't permit links to external websites in the item listings themselves, they do allow you to promote your website on an optional (and free) "About Me" page.

    Take advantage of that offer! You're paying good money for the Ebay listing so take advantage of the free advertising.
  6. Accept credit card payments with Ebay's PayPal service. This is a biggie! Most Ebay buyers are familiar with PayPal and prefer the convenience of paying immediately and receiving the merchandise very quickly.

    Many customers won't even consider placing a bid if PayPal isn't listed as a payment option!
  7. Protect your Ebay reputation at all costs! Ebay allows buyers and sellers to leave "feedback" for their trading partner for each transaction. This Ebay feedback can be marked positive, negative, or neutral.

    A major factor in building a successful Ebay business is maintaining a positive feedback profile. You can have hundreds of positive feedback comments, but just a handful of negatives can leave potential bidders wondering if they can trust you.

    How do you maintain a good Ebay feedback profile?
    • By communicating quickly and effectively with your buyers about the status of every transaction.
    • By responding to customer complaints right away and doing whatever is necessary to "make it right", even if the problem isn't your fault.
    • By giving your buyers top-notch customer service.
    • By giving the customer exactly what was described in the item listing!
  8. Offer several different items at a time. All of the top Ebay sellers offer multiple items for sale. Some even offer thousands of items at a time!

    The more items you have listed, the more sales you'll make and the more opportunities you'll have for making high-profit add-on sales!
These 8 tips can help assure your success on Ebay.

I recommend that you start off part time and build up gradually. Before you know it, you just might be able to quit your "real job" and make some real money on Ebay!

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