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Review - Easy Ebook Creator

Easy Ebook Creator BoxcoverIf you want to become an Ebook publisher, you need the very best ebook creation software that you can find. Easy Ebook Creator has tons of features that are usually found only in software packages valued at well over $100!

Easy Ebook Creator is the most powerful software of its kind!

The easy to use interface will have you creating your first ebook within 10 minutes!

Creating and distributing ebooks is a huge money-maker. Simply write an article on a topic in your field of expertise. Place your website link, email address, or an advertisement in it.

Then give the ebook away and encourage others to do the same. Even better, sell it for 100% profit! You can have thousands, even millions of copies of your ebook floating
around. And each of those ebooks will have your website link, email address, or advertisement in it.

Think of the possibilities for marketing your products for free and making money with your own ebooks! This is quite literally a simple, effective way to make money while you sleep!

Check out these powerful features of Easy Ebook Creator:

  • Various screen sizing options to make it easier for your readers to use your ebooks. You decide which option(s) best suits your ebooks and your customer's needs.
  • Fully programmable trial period / expiry date and registration functions enables you to offer free "sample" downloads to your customers.
  • Password protection for your pages allows you to lock one or more pages within any ebook. Offer teaser information for free but require the customer to order to be able to view the best parts of the ebook. 
  • Password protection for the entire ebook enables you to protect your ebook from prying eyes. Give it a password so that only those who purchase the "key" can read the ebook.
  • Absolute expiration date - you can set a date at which point in time the ebook will stop opening. You can offer a 7 day demo of your ebook for example.
  • Customizable Buttons - you can select the default buttons that are available on your ebook as well as change the text on each button. You can  also use your own button set.
  • Custom Logo - make your products stand out from the crowd. Your ebooks will be easily recognizable worldwide on any pc.
  • Drag-and-Drop file selection lets you import and compile files from any folder on your hard drive. You can even import files from several different folders on your hard drive. You don't need to waste time creating folders and copying files before compiling your ebooks. 
  • Small file size - requires only 526kb of disk space on your hard drive.

Easy Ebook Creator is quite simply the best ebook creation software on the market. Simply create your ebook pages in HTML (just like a web page). Then drag and drop the files and compile them instantly into a professional, feature rich ebook!

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