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SEO Toolkit! - Part 6

Part 6 - Changes to make to an existing website for better search engine rankings

First of all, remove any of the "bad techniques" described in the section titled "How To Prevent Getting Banned From Google". Next, change your title and description to a keyword rich format as  described above. Add lots of unique keyword rich content to your pages while removing any excessive affiliate links.

Now, continue on...

As previously stated, all you have to do to get your site listed in Google is to get a few (the more the better but at least 3 or 4) websites to link to your site. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to offer a link to their site from your site in return. This is called "reciprocal linking".

If done properly, the reciprocal linking process is the single best way to enhance your page's PR and traffic flow. Reciprocal links allow you to share your traffic with other quality websites. In return, you also receive "targeted" traffic from the websites of your linking partners.

But the value of reciprocal links goes much farther than just an increase in traffic. The number of external web pages that link to yours has a direct relationship to your pages's PR value as calculated by Google.

Be very careful about who you choose to do a link exchange with however. As discussed in the previous section about Link Farms, linking to a "bad neighborhood" such as a site that has been penalized by Google, will get your site banned as well or result in a lower PR.

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