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How To Reinstall Windows XP Without Losing Data

How to do a Windows XP Repair Install

Let's face it. Things happen. You download a program from the web and install it, only to find that it causes serious problems. Or a critical Windows XP system file becomes corrupted and your system won't boot up into Windows XP.

You can usually recover by doing a Windows XP Repair Install. Here's how:

  1. If possible, use the System Restore utility to fix the problem.
  2. If System Restore doesn't work, back up any critical data that is on your 
    hard drive if possible. Things do go wrong occasionally and you might lose
    your data, so back it up!
  3. Have your Windows XP Key handy. 
  4. Press the R key (the second R=Repair option). 
  5. Enter your Windows XP Key when prompted to do so. 
If all goes well, this procedure will restore your operating system to the same state it was in right after the initial Windows XP installation. You will have to re-install any Windows Updates however.

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