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Protecting Windows From Flying Birds

How to prevent birds from flying into your windows

Birds have a tendency to fly into windows, injuring or killing themselves as well as causing serious damage to the window. They do this because they think the window is an open space to fly into or through. But you can prevent this from happening with a simple project!

Materials required:

  • Two plain cardboard tubes from used toilet paper rolls, or one tube from a used paper towel roll (cut it in half). One sheet of reflective colored paper. This paper is
    usually sold at a paper goods or craft supply store. This variety of paper appears to change colors and shapes as you move it around, similar to a hologram.

Here's how to proceed:

  • Cover each tube with a strip of the reflective paper.
  • At one end of each tube, punch two holes opposite each other.
  • Place a string through the holes. For the 1st tube make the loop between the holes 2' long. For the 2nd tube make the loop 3' long.
  • Using a nail or other type of hanger, hang the two tubes from a point above the center of the window.

Now, any bird flying toward the window from any direction will see the hologram move and the colors change. This will cause the bird to turn away from the window. This is an
inexpensive and easy way to prevent birds from flying into your windows.

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