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Keeping Your Weight Loss Motivation

Tips for maintaining your motivation to lose weight

Weight loss and fitness

One of the most difficult aspects of getting yourself into shape is maintaining the intense motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals. After a month or so into a weight loss program, just about anyone will lose a bit of their enthusiasm.

I have learned a few things that help keep me motivated and dedicated to achieving my weight loss goals. These tips have helped me a great deal and I think they will help you too!

Here are a few weight loss motivation tips:

  1. Weigh yourself once a week. I step on the scales at least a few times each week. When you're just beginning your weight loss program, once is plenty because you don't want to discourage yourself.

    I weigh myself once a week because it makes it very easy to look in the mirror and verify that I'm not gaining any weight. If you weigh yourself every week, you'll know for sure whether you need to make changes to your weight loss routine or not.
  2. Place a photo of the heavier version of yourself in plain view. I was 20-25 pounds heavier when that picture was taken than I am now.

    This reminds me every day what I don't want to slip back into. It reminds me why I lost weight in the first place and helps prevent me from sliding back into old habits. Also, that picture will simply remind you of how far you have come and how much better you look now after losing weight.
  3. Visualize everyday. Everyday, you should visualize how you want yourself to look. After you have attained your weight loss goals, then just imagine yourself doing some wonderful new things in your new body. This really does help maintain motivation to keep the weight off.

    I make it a point to visualize myself everyday doing something that I plan to do in the future. This process helps with goals in virtually any aspect of your life. I used to do this when I first started my running program. I would mentally picture myself running and looking the way I wanted to look.
  4. Keep setting your sights farther and higher. If you have already attained your ideal weight, simply set some new goals or standards. If you don't, you will most likely fall back into your old habits.

    It's harder to maintain something than to achieve something new, so if you have reached your ideal weight, why not set a goal to add some muscle mass. Plan to get in perfect shape, like you never imagined you could. Set a high goal and then reach it. Nothing keeps people more motivated than setting and achieving new and higher goals.
These are just a few of the tips that I use to keep myself motivated to maintain my ideal weight and stay fit. There are many more. To find other great motivating ideas simply do some research on the web. You'll find thousands of websites and articles dedicated to weight loss, fitness, and health.


Getting into shape and losing weight will change every area of your life. The possibilities we begin to see are amazing after we reach an achievement such as weight loss. Don't lose your momentum.
Most of all, never give up! There will always be obstacles in all areas of life. Just don't allow yourself to use them as excuses to keep from achieving the ultimate freedom you deserve.

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