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The Advantages Of Using Website Templates

Website templates make building a great site quick and easy!

Website templates offer a great way to get a new, professional quality site online quickly and easily. Instead of spending endless hours designing each web page from scratch, you can simply use a high-quality website template and add your own content and scripts to it!

Here are a few of the advantages of using a professionally designed website template for your next project:

  • Templates provide a shell around which you can quickly build a professional website.
  • They help ensure that your site's pages are consistent in appearance, navigation, and overall design.
  • They are available with custom graphics and logos already in place.
  • They let novice webmasters create an attractive, functional site that visitors will enjoy using.
There are four ways to acquire a professionally designed website template:
  1. Create it yourself! If you have experience with HTML and a moderate amount of design talent, you can build your own template from scratch and then just add in the unique content for each page.
  2. Hire a professional web designer to create a template for you. Most designers will assemble a great template for you at a much lower cost than they would charge to build your entire site.
  3. Use a free pre-made template from one of the many website template sites. There are a couple of disadvantages of using a free template however:
    • They typically require a "Designed by" link on every page.
    • Sites using the same template tend to be ubiquitous on the web.
    Of course the advantage of using a free template is it's, well, free!
  4. Purchase a pre-made website template. There will usually be no link required, and while there will still usually be several sites that share your template, there will be a lot less than if you use a free one.

Using a high-quality, professionally designed website template will enable even a novice webmaster to get a high-quality, professional looking site online in a short period of time.

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