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The Benefits Of Using Web Stats Software

What web stats software is and why you need it

A quality web stats software package is a webmaster's best friend. Online stats scripts are useful, but most of them simply lack the details that web stats software running on your local PC can provide.

For example, where are your visitors coming from? The US, Europe, Asia? What times of the day do most of your visitors hit your site? Which pages do they enter and exit your site on? Which pages do they visit while they're on your site and for how long?

These are just a few of the dozens of questions that a good web stats software program will answer for you! These software packages analyze your website's raw log files, then extract and compile all of the various little snippets of information into useful, easy to understand tables and graphs. You'll be able to get the crucial data you need at a glance.

If your web hosting account includes Urchin stats, you probably don't need a stand-alone web stats software package. If it doesn't, you probably do!

If you currently examine your log files by hand, you know how difficult and time consuming it is. Why not do it the easy way with a quality web stats software package?

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