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Florida: The Premiere Attraction State

Visit Florida for the ultimate in relaxation and fun in the sun

Florida, the Sunshine State, is located on a very large peninsula at the southeastern tip of the United States. Just 1,000 miles south of New York City, Florida is a vacation destination for multitudes of Americans each year, many of whom drive there.

Florida is flat and sandy, roughly 100 miles wide and 400 miles long. She offers vacationers hundreds of miles of some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches.

And to top it all off, Florida's sub-tropical climate provides a much needed respite from the colder regions to the north! 

The Sunshine State is America's premiere attraction state, featuring numerous large parks, entertainment centers, history museums, resorts, sports venues, and tourist destinations. Here are just a few of them for consideration for your very own Florida vacation:

  1. Clearwater Beach

    Primary attraction: Sugary Sand Beaches 

    Exit the Florida mainland by crossing the bridge and you'll see the awesome beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and Clearwater Beach, which is situated midway on Florida 's west coast, just 30 minutes west of Tampa and 90 minutes west of Orlando.

    Clearwater Beach is an island that is connected to its downtown by the palm tree-lined Memorial Causeway. This beautiful vacationer's delight is best known for its sugary sand beaches. 
  2. Daytona Beach

    Primary attraction: Golfing 

    Daytona is well known as Florida's "golfing capital". Your Florida golfing vacation in Daytona Beach is as good for your wallet as it is for your golf swing. Despite the huge selection of world famous golf courses, the area isn't as expensive as you might think.

    In the spring, Daytona Beach plays host to thousands of teenagers, college students, rock bands, and motorcycle buffs during spring break. 
  3. Fort Lauderdale

    Also known as: The Venice of America

    Fort Lauderdale is located on Florida's "gold coast", just 23 miles north of Miami. She features more than 300 miles of navigable waterways and innumerable scenic canals as well as hundreds of parks, golf courses, tennis courts, and beaches. 
  4. Fort Myers Beach

    Primary interest: The History of Fort Myers Beach

    Fort Myers Beach shares her heritage with her namesake, the city of Fort Myers, Florida which was once home to the famous Seminole Indian Chief Bill Bowlegs.
  5. Inverness

    Also known as: Florida's Nature Coast

    Inverness is located just 10 minutes south of the Florida Turnpike's northern gate at Wildwood and five minutes east of 1-75 on State Road 44. Inverness' coast has kept its old Florida charm by preserving and protecting many acres of natural scenery.
  6. Jacksonville

    Primary attraction: The Jacksonville Zoo

    Jacksonville, a huge land mass encompassing both city and country, swamp and ocean, lies at the northeastern tip of Florida, just south of the Georgia border. One of Jacksonville's most popular attractions is the amazing Jacksonville Zoo.
  7. Tampa

    Primary attraction: Adventure Island

    Tampa, a medium-sized city, is located on Florida's Gulf Coast. Her many attractions include museums, large parks such as Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, and The Arts Center at Tampa Bay as well as the leaving of cruise ships from the port of Tampa.

    If you decide to vacation in Tampa for the sunshine, you might be surprised to also discover her delicious, diverse, and exciting cuisine!

Article courtesy of Direct Discount Hotel Reservations Worldwide.

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