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Tech Review:

Verizon DSL Broadband Internet Service

Verizon DSL is a major player in broadband Internet so I offer this review of their service. This is strictly a review and in no way meant as an endorsement of Verizon DSL.

Everyone wants DSL service these days. Dial-up is just too slow for the way we use the Internet today. We want our DSL service fast and we want it for a reasonable price. Verizon is just one of many companies that is jumping on the broadband DSL provider bandwagon. There are plenty of advantages with using Verizon DSL. They claim to provide quality service at a very competitive price.

The standard package from Verizon for DSL service includes things like a choice of online services, such as Yahoo and MSN. They offer technical service that is live all the time, they have a standard 30 day guarantee for services, so that if you are not happy with them as your ISP, you can ask for a full refund if it is within thirty days.

They also offer you the option of having nine email addresses, so that everyone in the family can have their own. They also give you 10 MB of web space for you to use. All this can be yours for a fairly reasonable price if you choose to sign up for a one-year contract. If you prefer to have a monthly service, it will cost you more per month.

Verizon broadband service has been highly rated in several areas as compared to other ISP providers. The areas that were rated included many different areas, such as cost and billing issues. This is measured by how competitive the prices really are, and that your bill is accurate. How quickly they respond to and fix any billing problems or changes are also part of that category.

Another area that is measured includes image. Verizon appears to have a good reputation among ISPs, and represents their services and prices honestly. Their performance and reliability is also considered to be very good.

As for customer service, which rates how quickly problems are solved, how friendly and helpful their customer service reps are and the satisfaction of customers, they are considered to be as good as other ISP providers. They are also comparable in their email services, which measures how quickly you can send and receive email.

Overall, Verizon appears to be working to provide a good DSL service to their customers and they seem to care about making sure that service is one of the best available.

Verizon DSL service offers several different types of plans to choose from. The key is to find the plan that best suits your needs for a price that you can afford. If you think that Verizon is the right company for you, check out their website and find out if they offer DSL service in your area. However, it always makes sense to comparison shop before making a final decision.

About the Author:

Bob Hett offers excellent tips and advice about all aspects of DSL Internet services.

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