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How To Sell Your Used Computer For Top Dollar

Tips for selling your used computer fast and getting a great price for it!

Do you have a used computer sitting around collecting dust? Did you know that you can sell your used computer instead of giving or throwing it away?

Most people believe that today's low PC prices have made used ones worthless, but this simply isn't the case. Many people have a need for a second computer for the kids to play games on or to use as an Internet PC, but they don't want to shell out several hundred dollars for a new one.

By following these simple tips you can sell your used computer and get top dollar for it:

  • Clean it up. Scrubbing the case and monitor with a good general purpose spray cleaner can make selling your used computer for a decent price a lot easier.
  • Be sure to wipe the hard drive and do a clean install of the operating system. This will make the PC run as fast as possible while you're demonstrating it to prospective buyers. It will also remove any sensitive or personal data from the system.
  • Beef it up. Install every piece of software that you have available for it (legal copies only of course).
  • Be sure to include everything that came with the PC. This includes all disks/CDs, manuals, accessories and cables. If you have an old webcam or printer sitting around, bundle them with the computer and sell it all together.
  • Advertise benefits, not features. Explain how this particular used PC will let the buyer's kids play games, do research/homework, and surf the web.
  • Offer to sell your used computer for a little more than you actually hope to get out of it. This will give you a little "wiggle" room on the price if prospective buyers try to get you to take less for it than you're asking (and they almost always will).
  • Be flexible on the asking price. If it becomes apparent that you'll have to accept less than you expected, take the highest offer. A used PC is worse than useless if it's just sitting in your basement collecting dust.

By doing a bit of preparation, it is indeed possible to sell your used computer and get a decent price for it. Just remember - if you do nothing else, wipe the hard drive, reinstall the OS, and do a little cleaning on the case and monitor.

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