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Secrets Of The Ultra-Successful

Achieve ultra-success by showing the world the brilliant, creative and quirky you!

Question: What do Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Robin Williams have in common?

Answer: These ultra-successful icons never offer the world a watered-down version of themselves. Why then do most professionals choose to play it safe and hide their creativity, spirit, quirkiness and spark & passion?

If you, like so many others, are presenting a "bland" version of yourself to the world, you are literally suffocating your business' potential. If your business doesn't just go under altogether, it will none-the-less be stifled and less successful unless you explore and display what thrills you, stimulates you, irks you, bores you and amuses you!

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can get booked solid with high paying clients is to be the quirky, authentic and confident soul who says it like it is and filters nothing!

Drop the society-accepted version of you and stop worrying so much about what others will think! Just be the radiant person you are when you are relaxing with the people you love the most.

As soon as you let your authentic side shine, not only will you feel more confident and self-assured but your ideal clients will be immediately attracted to you. As a side benefit, you'll also send away the not so right people faster so you can spend all your productive hours being exceptional!

Here is an exercise for you to try:

  • Who are you when you are at your best. living in the moment?
    1. _____________________________________
    2. _____________________________________
    3. _____________________________________
  • What do you love to talk about some than anything else in the world?
    1. _____________________________________
    2. _____________________________________
    3. _____________________________________
  • How would your best friends, closest clients and colleagues who really know you describe you?
    1. _____________________________________
    2. _____________________________________
    3. _____________________________________
Are you truly and fully expressing this bold self that you just described above with everyone you come into contact with? As soon as you expose the bright and brilliant you, you'll be a magnet for new high paying clients!

About the Author:

Michael Port is the President of Michael Port & Associates LLC. He is known as the one guy to call when you're tired of thinking small. To spend some more time with Michael and to think bigger about who you are and what you have to offer the world, visit him at MichaelPort.com.

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