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Tybee Island

Fantastic beaches and southern charm: Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island is a small barrier island that lies just twenty minutes east of historic Savannah, Georgia, and the only Georgia barrier island that you can drive to.

Tybee's three miles of scenic beaches are backed by sea oat-covered sand dunes that make a perfect backdrop to a day of fun in the south Georgia sun!

The pier and pavilion at the southern end of Tybee Island offers a leisurely stroll above the majestic Atlantic ocean. There is ample space for fishing, picnicking, or enjoying the live music and dance that is featured there on a regular basis.

There is a wide array of fun and interesting things to see and do on and around Tybee Island, including:

  • Tybee Island cruises offer a relaxing way to explore all of Georgia's barrier islands.
  • Tour the Tybee Island Light Station which was established in 1732 by General James Oglethorpe (the governor of the colony of Georgia at that time).
  • The monthly "First Saturday Festivities" offer tourists and locals alike an opportunity to shop the waterfront on the first Saturday of every month.
  • Dine on some of the world's most exquisite seafood in Tybee Island's fine restaurants and cafes.
  • Simply lounge around on the perfect Tybee Island beaches and soak up the warm Georgia sun.
If you're looking for a vacation to remember, give Tybee Island a try. You can't go wrong with the lovely beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and genuine southern hospitality and charm that Tybee has to offer!

Tybee Island Hotels 

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